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Viper Poles
Viper Poles Item#DescriptionPack
POV66'fiberglass viper pole1
POV88'fiberglass viper pole1
POV1010'fiberglass viper pole1
Cobra / DX35 & DX350 poles
Cobra / DX35 & DX350 poles
POU66'di-electric pole 1
POU88'di-electric pole1
POU1010'di-electric pole1
Telescopic eye lag pole
Telescopic eye lag pole
TOP126'-12' telescopic eye lag pole1
TOP1234'-8'-12' telescopic eye lag pole1
TOP186'-12'-18' telescopic eye lag pole1
TOP248'-16'-24' telescopic eye lag pole1
Pole Tool Adapters
All parts listed with 12 gauge wire (12G). You may order 9 gauge or 8 gauge wire by changing part number 12G to either 9G or 8G in the listed assembly.